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“Lovesick Billy” in 2008

Bronson & Sam at Tori Amos, 2007More yoga? Possibly. More writing? Of course. More for my body, integrity, and honest communication? Definitely. Get out of the red and into the black? Already in the works.

2008 will be my 40th year. I have my health, the love of my life, great friends and family, a screenplay in pre-production, a really good day job, and a new Mac. What more could I ask for? Less needless stuff. Less confusion. Less anxiety. Less junk. Less junk food. More experiences.

More trips around the Rose Bowl with the dogs. More evenings “jacked-out”, and lounging with Sam in our big comfy couch. More movie nights. More late Saturday mornings, cuddling. More fun with Mom. More gardening. More biking. More rodeo. More athleticism. More travel. More adventures. More Lovesick Billy.

More for those with, um, less. I’d really like to get involved with The Art of Elysium, Being Alive, and other charities.

That’s what I resolve to do in 2008.

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