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One Way YouTube Beats XTube: Lots of Guys Kissing

You can find just about anything on XTube: every combination, every kink, every fluid, but what you don’t find a lot of is plain, old kissing. This reminds me of when I was a kid and the days of phone sex lines, before the boom of the Internet, where young, closeted guys like I was, could figure themselves out on the DL, safely. I listened to the phone sex lines first, scared to speak and actually connect with a stranger, and hanging up almost immediately, or getting off before I’d even gotten started or uttered a word. Continue reading ‘One Way YouTube Beats XTube: Lots of Guys Kissing’


Scientology vs. Anonymous: This Time It’s Impersonal

This has nothing to do with love or sex, but it’s so interesting, I couldn’t resist.

This morning, a colleague pointed out the fresh war between Anonymous and the Church of Scientology – and very specifically, not Scientology itself.

Click the links above for the distinction.

It all started with this leaked video, and the other three quarters that follow, posted on YouTube. It continues with Anonymous’ many eloquent declarations of war, and continues on and on… but most thrillingly with this ominous riposte from a member, or members, of the church. If this is the trailer, I’m dying to see the film.

Continue reading ‘Scientology vs. Anonymous: This Time It’s Impersonal’

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