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Cleaning Up and Moving Toward Sanity

6:30am found me up, coffeed, and organizing the house.  Sam and I are equally chronic trail-leavers: cause for me to go from room to room asking, “Does this belong here?  Where does this belong?  Why the hell did I put this here?”  International power adapters don’t belong in a woven box with cuff links, although when I put them there, it seemed perfectly logical because the box was just the right size.  After re-placing about a dozen things, (feeling not unlike Wall-E) the questions and answers became a meditation, and I thought about the additional trouble I caused myself by just doing what I’d always done, without changing my behavior.

My Grandfather was right, all those times.  Put things where they belong, and you’ll always know where to find them.  To help us, he Continue reading ‘Cleaning Up and Moving Toward Sanity’


Scientology vs. Anonymous: This Time It’s Impersonal

This has nothing to do with love or sex, but it’s so interesting, I couldn’t resist.

This morning, a colleague pointed out the fresh war between Anonymous and the Church of Scientology – and very specifically, not Scientology itself.

Click the links above for the distinction.

It all started with this leaked video, and the other three quarters that follow, posted on YouTube. It continues with Anonymous’ many eloquent declarations of war, and continues on and on… but most thrillingly with this ominous riposte from a member, or members, of the church. If this is the trailer, I’m dying to see the film.

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