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How Smart Men Have Sex

  • wrists4.jpgTurn your cell phone off. No matter how much you love them, a call from your parent or ex will distract you.
  • Light candles, but keep them away from the video head cleaner.
  • With a stranger, get the STD/Status question out of the way. Be straightforward, matter of fact, and honest. Even a ‘hey, I don’t really know’ beats silence, and everyone deserves to know what everyone’s getting themselves into.
  • If you like music playing, set up an appropriate playlist long enough to outrun the fun, without obviously repeating. If you’re really, really good, your playlist will have an arc. Sam has elevated this to an art form. Balance the sound with the sound from the porn.
  • Lube. If you like lube and you’re having fun, you’ll be pouring it on like you’re in a ranch dressing commercial, and 16 fluid ounces goes quick. Continue reading ‘How Smart Men Have Sex’

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