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Of Friendship, Love, and Steinbeck

This past week, Sam and I resolved a two-month squabble with one of our friends, Paul. It’s funny how stuff like this can spin out of control, and before you know it you’re not arguing about the issue, you’re arguing about the arguing about the issue. So, we all sat down to eat a little crow this past week, with great satisfaction and surprisingly little indigestion. Saturday night we took Mom to a transcendent performance of Steinbeck’s feel-good play depression-era of the Spring, Of Mice and Men, and if that didn’t cinch a weekend of introspection, the post-apocalyptic dream I had that night did. In the dream, Sam and I watched everyone around us perishing from the fallout, and then once we had saved ourselves and Mom, I sickened from tetanus, as I’d stepped on a nail somewhere along the way. I woke up crying, and Sam hadn’t slept well either, likening everyone in his life, and himself, to the characters in the play. Ugh, Steinbeck. Continue reading ‘Of Friendship, Love, and Steinbeck’

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