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When Your Daughter Dates a “Pipe-Layer”…

CNN reported today that Jamie-Lynn Spears’ boyfriend and baby daddy, Casey Aldridge is a “pipe-layer”.

Yeah, no kidding.

The note said she was pregnant but “everything was gonna be OK, mom” and that she and boyfriend Casey Aldridge were going to raise the baby.

Spears said she realized it wasn’t a joke because Aldridge, a pipe-layer from Liberty, Mississippi, wouldn’t look at her. CNN Continue reading ‘When Your Daughter Dates a “Pipe-Layer”…’


Britney Spears is (Danish) Modern

Ireland Online reported today that Britney Spears will be the new face for a line of Danish furniture. Evidently her Father would like to bring Danish pieces to the United States and thinks Britney is just the face to do it. Hmmm. Danish furniture: minimalist and functional… yeah, our beloved Brit is a perfect match.

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