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Hollyweird: McConaughey’s Dad Had a Huge Schlong

Matt in Dazed and Confused

As reported on FOX news: Matthew McConaughey’s Mom writes in I Amaze Myself, her modestly titled, tell-all book.

Kay McConaughey used to make love to her husband, Jim, as a way to say goodbye every morning.  That’s adorable (and recommended).  On one of these amorous mornings, however, Jim Continue reading ‘Hollyweird: McConaughey’s Dad Had a Huge Schlong’


How Is A Man’s Thumb Like His Penis?

I have a longstanding hypothesis about the correlation between a man’s thumb (or big toe) and his penis, specifically a similarity in shape:

  • the degree of pointiness or squareness of the tip of the thumb indicating an approximation of the tip of the penis
  • the width of the first knuckle as compared to the width of the space an inch behind the head
  • the litheness or meatiness of the space between the knuckle and the hand (or foot)

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Hummers are for Guys with Small Cocks

Leave it to the French to finally say what people around the world have only thought. Hummers are for guys with small cocks. If I’m wrong, prove it. Send me a picture of yourself standing next to your Hummer. Block out your face, and whip it out for the camera – and it had better be huge.

Include a line in the email saying I can publish it, because I will.

‘A 4×4 isn’t anything but a substitute for a penis!’ laughs one of France’s infamous ‘Deflators’. ‘A car which consumes a lot, a luxury, an accessory, Continue reading ‘Hummers are for Guys with Small Cocks’


Average Penis Size

Billy's Got a Red BullEverything I needed to know about sex I DIDN’T learn from porn. In fact, some of what I learned from porn has done me a disservice, and probably you as well. This WTF series is dedicated to debunking stuff about sex. Let’s get right to the point.

9×6 is not average.

In fact the average penis is around 6″ long and about 4.5″ in girth. There are a lot of studies out there, and they all come to this same conclusion, give or take a quarter inch. Porn has done a number on us in this arena. With John Holmes, Jeff Stryker, and any number of other swingin’ dick pornsters (what is it about those eastern bloc countries?), it’s no wonder the average guy can have a complex. If you really are a 9×6, consider yourself gifted, but know that even with cocks, less can be more. Some men are content admiring Everest, without any desire to climb it.

It’s important to remember that no matter your size, there’s a market for you. There are men, and women, who are exclusively interested in small endowments. Ditto the horse-hung, but I’ve seen men who bought their cocks by the pound and don’t have the slightest idea how to wield ’em. In my experience, a chisel is a chisel; skills make the craftsman.

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