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Is Lindsay Lohan Going To Marry Samantha Ronson?

Huzzah. I knew I loved that girl. This is great news. Coming out should save her thousands in rehab, and may just be saving her life.

God knows why they know about it overseas first, but, China Daily, Trans World News, and Yell Malta are echoing British tabloids with the news that Lindsay and Samantha are getting married in L.A. this year. Plus, check out Facebook.

Samantha Ronson is a DJ, sister of killer record producer, Mark Ronson, and arguably the luckiest lesbian in the world.

I wish you girls all the best. You’re a beautiful couple.

Let love rule.


Sam Sparro is More Fun than Rufus, and Free on iTunes

I’m reposting this May 7th post, because this track, Black and Gold, is now available for free on iTunes. You heard about it here first, so now go get it before it’s gone. Continue reading ‘Sam Sparro is More Fun than Rufus, and Free on iTunes’


Cowboys on the Road

Sam and I are going to rodeo school in Chandler, AZ in two weeks, to learn chute dogging. We’re going with the clothes on our backs, our rough stock gear, and some supplies in a duffel bag. We need boots. Size 13 for Sam, and 11 for me. Ropers, which means a lower heel and a more rounded toe. We’ll be trying to find those this week. I’ll probably just roll the dice on some cheap, used boots from eBay. Once we’re in Phoenix, we’ve got a car rented – for $10 – some econo-box Kia or something, because there wasn’t any place to rent old pickups. If it weren’t illegal to hitchhike (the 11 miles from the airport to the center of Chandler), we would, just for the fantasy of jumping into the back of some old man’s blue F250 and gettin’ a ride into town. We asked the rodeo school coordinator, Chuck, if there were any bunks in some stable loft or anything for us to crash in, but alack, there were none. So, in the absence of a bunkhouse, we’re hoping to find some old neon cowboy hotel right out of Thelma & Louise or Brokeback Mountain, and check in for sway-backed mattresses, snowy TV, and some good ol’ fashioned cowboy sex.

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