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Off-Beat Porn: Suits

This is easily one of the most interesting videos I’ve found on YouTube. With over 18,000 views, and totally SFW, I promise you that somebody finds this intensely erotic. Maybe you.


Go Hands-Free. It’s the Law.

Billy has your safety in mind, especially today, so I personally watched this SFW video about the Jawbone hands-free device several times, just to make sure it would be helpful to you.

All I can say is that I was really happy I didn’t have a phone in my hand.
Who knew legal compliance could feel so good?

This video was banned in the U.S. Had it been two chicks, it would have been running during the Superbowl. I’ll never understand that.


The Gotham Knights Give it Up for a Good Cause

On May 7th, the Gotham Knights Rugby team held their annual Rugby Bachelor Auction, sponsored by N2N Bodywear and benefiting the non-profit Immigration Equality. The event, hosted by Miss Peppermint and held at NYC’s gay-hot-spot Splash, was a huge success. Attendees bid for a chance at a one-on-one scrum with one of Gotham Knights’ hotties, in support of a very worthy cause, raising more than $15,000. Miss Peppermint also answered the perennial question about men in kilts. More hot shots after the jump.

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