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Sarah Palin: Ahmadinejad in Heels

President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and Sarah Palin.  One’s a naive, oil-obsessed, holy war-calling, religious extremist, and the other is an Iranian.  Here’s the Lovesick Billy take on this dynamic duo:

Ahmadinejad: Thinks the Holocaust is a myth.

Palin: Thinks evolution is a myth.

Ahmadinejad & Palin: Were not widely known when they entered their presidential election campaigns, although they had already made their marks for rolling back earlier reforms. Continue reading ‘Sarah Palin: Ahmadinejad in Heels’


A Glimmer of Hope for Gay LDS

After many requests, the leadership of the LDS church has agreed to meet with a group of gay and lesbian LDS, called “Affirmation” to try and bridge the gap between their communities. A change in doctrine is not as much their intention as opening dialogue for tolerance and changes in attitudes, as Peggy Fletcher Stack reported today in the Salt Lake Tribune:

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Scientology vs. Anonymous: This Time It’s Impersonal

This has nothing to do with love or sex, but it’s so interesting, I couldn’t resist.

This morning, a colleague pointed out the fresh war between Anonymous and the Church of Scientology – and very specifically, not Scientology itself.

Click the links above for the distinction.

It all started with this leaked video, and the other three quarters that follow, posted on YouTube. It continues with Anonymous’ many eloquent declarations of war, and continues on and on… but most thrillingly with this ominous riposte from a member, or members, of the church. If this is the trailer, I’m dying to see the film.

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Gay American Heroes

Sean Kennedy

“So who knows what’s around the corner or down the street. I’m just gonna live life and find out.” -Sean William Kennedy

This past weekend is one that Sam and I had been anticipating for a while, but boy, did it play out differently than we expected. Chip Arndt had asked us some time ago to serve as co-chairs for his event: “Silence the Hate” a benefit for the Gay American Heroes Foundation, at East West in West Hollywood.

You know the drill, no matter how noble, on these kinds of things. It’s a charity you can get behind with a message you support, and you call in your connections and favors all over town to pack the house, and line the worthy cause’s coffers with much-needed resources. You make sure you look great (and we felt good about that having prepped for a season of events 1, 2, 3), then you show up to the event, have a few drinks with your friends, take photos, talk about the charity and what they’re doing, etc., until the goals have been wildly surpassed and a great time had by all. Continue reading ‘Gay American Heroes’


This Woman’s Work

I’m lucky to have a truly remarkable relationship with my Mother. It’s so good that lately, I’ve gone from being to-the-bone grateful to feeling a little guilty.

Sam’s relationship with his Mom is strained, at best. The two of them are master fishermen who have created a knotted net so finely crafted, nothing can escape it alive – not even their own relationship.

Here’s the fresh catch, from my POV:
Sam was raised LDS as a small child until his parents divorced, and shortly thereafter. There was a brief second marriage, to a man who was apparently more smitten (and indeed questionably) with Sam than with his Mother. They divorced. The real irony here is that in some space between, Sam led his Mother to Jesus. A single Mother desperately trying to provide her son and herself with a stable family unit, she remarried, this time to a Catholic. The man adopted Sam, and made them adopt Catholicism, and then sired a child of his own: a half-brother to Sam. In spite of Sam’s Mother’s best intentions, Sam’s second-class stepchild status was made abundantly clear to Sam on various occasions. Add to this Sam’s burgeoning awareness of his being gay, and you have not only a great first act, but a recipe for disaster.

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