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You can see into the future

It’s easy to see what will end any relationship, be it romantic or platonic. You need only pay attention. It’s usually there, in plain sight. It might be addiction, a wandering eye, or a hot temper. It might be anything. The point is that you will know very early on what it is, and you don’t even have to speak its name. The problem is, you just don’t know when that thing will end it.

I have found this to be applicable to my friends and loves, absolutely, and I can’t recall a time when it was wrong.

My friend Chad said, “My cock is my fate,” and it was. I knew Gerardo was a crochety old man on the inside, and I grew to resent him for it. I always knew what it would be with Joe, and I loved him anyway, but the inevitable still came to pass.

With Sam, it’s death, not necessarily his, and not necessarily AIDS. In fact it’s not wishful thinking when I say that I very clearly see our aged faces looking out over our ranch in Big Sky. I see our wrinkled hands clutched. I’ve known that from the start. Only death will part us, and even then, not for long.


Hot Guys You Can Actually Meet: Michael


Michael, above, has it all going on: hot, talented, smart, collects robots, and wants more than just the exterior from a partner. Plus, he’s a little ‘dark’, which makes the sex really, really hot. Continue reading ‘Hot Guys You Can Actually Meet: Michael’


Be a Real Champion

baseballs.jpgI read the blog of a closeted, aspiring pro athlete who “dates” another closeted guy, struggles with his identity, and screws women to keep up appearances with his team mates.

It’s the reason I read him. It’s the reason we like books, movies, and television. We want to see the conflict, and how the characters resolve it and emerge victorious. Plus, I’ve been there myself. I get it. So he asks his readers for questions, which are mostly easy pitches about not getting wood in the shower and how he manages between visits with his beau, but when a question like – Continue reading ‘Be a Real Champion’


Inside The Polyandrous Relationship

I’VE WRITTEN ABOUT VARIOUS KINDS OF RELATIONSHIPS HERE, including the polyandrous. I wanted to get the real scoop on this situation, so I went to my friend TJ, who has successfully navigated polyandrous relationships. He offered to share his insights here. I definitely had some misconceptions that he’s dispelled – like for starters, it’s not a three-way. Thanks, TJ! —Lovesick Billy

Continue reading ‘Inside The Polyandrous Relationship’

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