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Everything They Wanted to Know About Gay People (But Were No Longer Afraid To Ask)

Gay people have been around since… well, since there were people, but by the way straight reporters were acting yesterday, you’d have thought we were just invented. Sam and I have been this interesting for years, but they were freshly riveted.

Almost unfailingly, the first question was not “How did you meet,” but, “How long have you been together,” as if we all just got the right to marry and grabbed up some stud on the boulevard to get hitched to as an act of defiant rebellion. Did anyone ask my parents this question, when they were about to tie the knot? They had been together for 10 days – Sam and I had been together almost 40 times longer when we got married (the first time).

It was the 20 minute interview for one of the Spanish-market networks that really took the tostada. Continue reading ‘Everything They Wanted to Know About Gay People (But Were No Longer Afraid To Ask)’


The Lovesick Questions: Sam Page

sam-page3.jpgI’ll be asking these five questions of various sexy people, starting with my husband, Sam Page. If you don’t know Sam, he’s the self-described “ex-Mormon, reformed porn star & fitness coach” co-founder of HERO Magazine, and publisher of peacelovelunges, to whom I’m married.

If you could have sex with anyone from all of history, just once, whom would it be?

I wished I could be one of the hot invitees to Nero’s parties back in the heyday. You know, I read they used to have naked human torches dipped in oil? Off the hook!

Okay, now seriously, I think it would have to be John F. Kennedy, Jr. I always thought he was scorching hot, plus he published a magazine!

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