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The Lovesick Questions: Nina Smith, Queercents


It was sexy Nina Smith who put the questions concept on the radar, when she asked us 10 of her own about money, and Sam who suggested it as a Billypage. I’m thrilled that Nina participated, and not the least bit surprised that her answers are not just romantic, but intellectual and funny… now THAT’s hot.

Besides that, Nina and her team write, a fiercely useful blog that everyone should check out.
Mwah, Nina! Lovesick Billy loves you.

1. If you could have sex with anyone from all of history, just once, whom would it be?

Jesus. The hush money alone would last an eternity.

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Check It Out: Bronson & Sam on Nina Smith’s Queercents!

Queercents is a great site about money, consumerism, and all things economically practical. Sam and I have loved the site for a while, and were really excited when Nina Smith asked us to participate in her Ten Money Questions. The site has a queer bent, of course, but with information this good, everyone can benefit. It was a lot of fun, an we feel like we’ve made a friend in the process. Mwah backatcha, Nina!!! OX, Bronson & Sam

See Bronsam’s thoughts about money, here, and check out her other respondents’ answers here.


Getting Screwed Buying Lube

gunoil32oz_l.gifSam and I are huge fans of Gun Oil personal lubricants, not only for their intended use, but also for our hair. We’d bought one of those hair silk products that promises smoothness and shine, and while using it, Sam said, “Hey, this feels just like lube.”

I think we were in San Francisco for Folsom when we ran out of the hair stuff but had plenty of lube on hand (snicker)… so into the hair it went, and worked beautifully: silky, shiny, and really handy if the mood spontaneously took us. We compared the ingredients and they were more or less identical: Cyclomethicone, Dimethicone, Aloe Vera, and Vitamin E.


Then we wondered which of the two was more expensive by the ounce, the hair stuff or the other stuff, to inform our buying decisions, and here’s the result. Continue reading ‘Getting Screwed Buying Lube’

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