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Better Exhibitionism

Billy in the BathtubMy husband, Sam, once founded a magazine called HERO (here, and here), with his then-boyfriend, now friend, Paul Horne. It was there, in 2000 or so, that I actually met them for the first time. I was interviewing for a job as their circulation director. I had a boyfriend at the time, and during the interview I made a conscious decision not to stare too hard at my boyishly hot, dirty blond interviewer, Sam. That’s the meet cute.

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I grew up on country music. Mom (Conny Van Dyke) recorded for the Barnaby label with Ray Stevens when I was a kid. In fact, Ray gave me my nickname, Killer. In Florida, country was always there in the background, even through the 80’s.

Sam and I are into this whole rodeo thing of late, and him being from Utah (and all) we both have an affinity for country and the wide open spaces. So, to our friend Paul Horne’s chagrin, we’ve been listening to more country. This past week I discovered Josh Turner and bought his latest, Everything is Fine, and it is great. Firecracker hooked me, and the rest of it won me over for good. There’s a song called Soulmates on it, that immediately made me think of Sam, but soon after that, I thought that country and I might be soulmates as well. It feels familiar. It feels right. If nothing else, it’s a nice break from Tiësto.


More Love, Less Bush.

Blogging. As my friend Paul puts it, “Because what the world needs is yet another opinion.” Another criticism. Another review. We’ve been to Paris. We’ve seen Britney’s kids, and where they came from. Enough. More love. Less Bush.

Lovesick Billy is about love, an exploration of it and all of its manifestations: photos of stolen kisses, brotherly love, charitable love, love dilemmas – yours and mine, gain, loss, and everything in between.

A friend who constantly complains about being single, said to me once, “You’re like all the rest of my friends, single for about twenty minutes.”

“So maybe you should be doing what I’m doing,” I replied.

I have been very lucky in love. Always. The best rules are the rules that work best for you, not your well-meaning friends or family. We usually know what’s best for us, unless it’s not working, and then second opinions can help – but honest ones, and those are hard to come by.

Lovesick Billy is a source for honest insight into matters of love. Because that’s what the world needs now.

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