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“Waltz” is the New Dooce

One of the smartest, funniest writers I know finally has a blog, and it’s good. It’s called Waltz in Exile: a window into the world of a decidedly un-suburban family of four (with a collective IQ higher than my FICO score) finds itself purposefully “in exile” in the Midwest.

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Could Sam and I Be Dads? Really?

Single Dads in Last Year's Macy's CampaignI don’t know if it’s a byproduct of my turning 40, the milestone of 2.5 stable years with Sam or what, but parenting keeps coming up, and we’re not the ones starting the discussion. It’s friends – and you know who you are – who want us to join them in the joy/misery of raising kids.

When Sam and I first started dating, we talked about our outlooks on kids – you know, it’s one of the qualifying questions. He was 30, and not so much into the idea. I definitely wasn’t pushing it, but I had been kicking the idea around since I was about 35.

A year passed and Sam brought it up. We decided that we’d adopt if anything. We figured there were enough unparented children in the world that having one of our own was kinda silly, and we wanted our connection to the child to be equal.

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Oops! Chlamydia at 15?

Dear Billy, my 15-year-old daughter has chlamydia. We have learned this because her boyfriend has it. We’ve had some conversations about sex, but clearly more of those are in order. If this were your daughter, how would you deal with it?

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