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From One *Former* Victim of Molestation to Another

In March, I wrote a post called “Pedophilia May Have Physical Causes“, and received the following comment:

I too was molested by my step father and the repercussions that it had created has not been a pretty picture. For the most part I function in society. I have been labeled hypo-manic depressive with a slight personality disorder…  I wonder why. My mother denied the abuse and for that she has been forever cut out of my life. The next time that I want to see them both is at their funerals. It has been many years and the hate and anger will not go away and it affects me on a daily basis. Do you have any advice? The experience has only led to worse things in my life (being raped 2 times) due to all the drinking to kill the pain. I have since stopped that all together… I really don’t want to go for a third time. I have tried counseling and well, it has gotten me nowhere. – Dexx36

This comment deserves more than just another one in return.  First, thanks to everyone who commented.  Sometimes the hardest declaration you can make is the one you alone can hear.

Here’s what has worked for me, Dexx: meds, therapy, the support of friends and family, and resolution, not necessarily in that order.  Continue reading ‘From One *Former* Victim of Molestation to Another’


What a Pedophile Looks Like

You don’t have to be tuned into world news to have heard about the latest international child pornography sting, because it’s happening all around us. There were 55 men charged in the L.A. area alone, including a sheriff’s deputy, and a lawyer.

Having been molested as a child, myself (and having seen the predator [almost] brought to justice) I can’t tune out or ignore news about pedophilia – like a multi-lingual person not being able to tune out the languages they know. Unfortunately, neither can my mother, or my husband.

The most frustrating thing about understanding that ‘language’ is not that we keep finding out that “nice guys,” “family men,” “church-going,” and “loners” in suburban neighborhoods are pedophiles, but that we keep acting surprised by that profile. We are shocked to hear that priests, cops and lawyers are among those accused, as if their relationship to the law or to God makes their pedophilia implausible, and we never question their constant access to children for a minute. Their positions of legal or moral authority are the perfect blind. Continue reading ‘What a Pedophile Looks Like’

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