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A Frank IM About The Prostate

The following is an actual IM conversation I had today with one of my dearest friends, a straight, married woman living in the heartland, who shall remain nameless 😉

Okay, insane question for you: what exactly is a prostate gland
and why do you have one but I do not?

isn’t there the internet for this?

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Messages from the Beloved Dead

bull_shark_0303.jpgA while back, my best friend, Chad, my ex-boyfriend, Ron, Mom and I sat around my Grandmother’s bed for an hour or so just talking. She’d requested them specifically. We would all have been happy to indulge her in this holding of court, even if she hadn’t been on her death bed.

We laughed as we always had, and talked about everything except her getting better, for we all knew she wasn’t going to. We just had no idea that was it.

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