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Art of Elysium: Dominoes at the Beverly Hills Hotel

02-21-08_2214.jpgOur friend and founder of The Art of Elysium, Jennifer Howell, invited us to an evening of dominoes not to be forgotten. “Y’all have to be there,” she said to Sam.

We love this charity as much as a night on the town, this is proven, and Jennifer’s comforting, southern request was all we needed to hear.

There’s nothing like throwing on a tux for a great cause and an hour long visit to the Beverly Hills Hotel, on a rainy Thursday night at 9. And the timing is perfect. It’s Oscar week, so everyone’s in town.

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The Art of Elysium & of Meeting Celebrities

img_3161.jpgOn Saturday night, Sam and I attended easily the most glamorous black tie charity event in the city this weekend: Heaven, a benefit for The Art of Elysium. This great organization was founded 10 years ago by the inimitable Jennifer Howell, is strongly supported by Balthazar and Rosetta Getty (wonderfully kind people), and brings actors, artists and musicians together with critically ill children to teach and encourage artistic self-expression as a therapeutic exercise: art, acting, comedy, fashion, music, radio, songwriting, and creative writing. Heaven was not only their biggest event, one of the only remaining “Golden Globes parties” given its proximity to the (canceled) Globes, but also a celebration of the charity’s first decade.

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