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Off-Beat Porn: Muscle Worship

I’ve recently rediscovered, on YouTube, a load of videos that show far less anatomy than anything in our porn collection. They don’t even get their shorts off. They’re muscle worship videos, and this jaded, seen-it-all porn aficionado is happy to report that “less filling” tastes great. One’s imagination, or ability to fetishize body parts, is powerful enough to turn a SFW vid clip like the one below with Zeb Atlas and Mark Dalton, into something surprisingly, er, uh, satisfying.  Here’s the clip. Continue reading ‘Off-Beat Porn: Muscle Worship’


7 Things…

Taking the lead from Sam, here are my 7 things:

7 things I plan to do before I die…

  1. See Damages produced.
  2. Win an Oscar.
  3. Retire to Ibiza with Sam.
  4. Build Mom a house.
  5. Moscow, Iceland, Macchu Picchu, Egypt, Ice Hotel.
  6. Feel safe, proud, and responsible, as an American.
  7. Love and cherish Sam to my last breath.

7 things that attract me to men…
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