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The Most Beautiful Man in the World


And what’s even more beautiful are his honesty, confidence, discipline, commitment, imagination, integrity, intellect, sensibility, sensitivity, generosity, passion, happiness, love, innocence, experience, wisdom, skills, wonder, strength, weakness, vulnerability, invulnerability, imagination, past, presence, future, savvy, curiosity, sexiness, devotion, loyalty, flaws, tolerance, ambition, peace, kindness, and courage.

I could go on and on and on.

I love you, Sam Page, for everything that you are.

It’s an honor to be your husband; a joy I never could have imagined.


Wardrobe Makeover Follow-up

Neil (scoring) on Valleywag

On 12/11, I responded to an email from Neil, a newly single guy who is getting back out into the dating world, and revamping his look. That’s him, above, scoring with the hottie in the cheongsan and anime boots. I think the grin says it all.

So, phase two for Lovesick Billy 🙂

  1. Picked up some used, slightly trendy denim in SF. $20.
  2. Used a classic cut navy blazer I already had.
  3. Instead of Zappos, bought a pair of Clark’s. $120 with tax. Dark brown. Damn comfortable.
  4. Mix with tucked white Oxford with good, casual brown belt.
  5. Trimmed the goatee down to about 1/4″ long and did away with lots of hair at Carlton’s.
  6. Lost the glasses to new contacts (these new contact lens materials are amazing!!!).

Still working on it, but I’m starting to see a visual ‘signature’ emerging.

It’s all good.

The best part? Went to buddy’s company’s Xmas party Friday night. I got lots of attention from the ladies. The take away? The girls like me, but the clothes are what got me noticed in the first place.

Finally, it’s time for a little more fun 🙂


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