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Lily Allen, Our Hero(ine)

Lily Allen is brilliant and political, with the freshly-leaked GWB (Guess Who Batman) a.k.a. Fuck You Very Much, a plinky Carpenter-esque mashup with a message to the hateful and narrow-minded BNP – a British far-right, gay-hating, white supremacist political party. I didn’t need any more reasons to love this girl, after what I’ve heard of her, but I may as well add two more. She’s got more balls than a snooker table and her heart in the right place. If she’s not at the top of the list for every major metropolitan Pride, then some queens are not paying attention. Check her out.

The lyrics follow: Continue reading ‘Lily Allen, Our Hero(ine)’


Review: Lily Allen’s New Tracks

I was late to the game on the first Lily Allen releases, but not these. The first were sexy, tawdry, cheeky pop tunes that (straight) men over 30 shouldn’t admit to loving, but I dare them to resist. She had me at Smile, and for being generally bad arse, but this year a sadder but wiser Lily has reemerged turning her cheek and whip tongue on the world and on herself. Hey, it’s been a tough year, but it’s made her art better. Two tracks from her forthcoming album on Capitol are featured on her myspace page. Here’s the breakdown.

“I’ll take my clothes off and it will be shameless, ’cause everyone knows that’s how you get famous.”

I Don’t Know is the song the world (or at very least, America) needs in the Swarovski-encrusted dusk of comfort spending and fame binging, just before an uncertain dawn. Continue reading ‘Review: Lily Allen’s New Tracks’

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