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same great stuff, slightly different location

Dear readers,
Thanks to your dedication to Lovesick Billy, the site is growing and evolving, and there are some exciting new developments just around the corner.

If you’ve bookmarked, it’s time to update your bookmark to the direct URL,  If you’ve been using the direct URL, nothing changes.  Likewise, email for me is now  The look and feel is familiar, the cowboys are going to get even hotter, and improved searching helps you find all of the content more easily.

Thanks again for the love.  See you at the new site.




Furry Fandom: Furst Things Furst

alice_art.gifIntent on finding out more about Fur, a little Googling led me to a Furry Fandom chat site, where I created an identity, Monkey Monk, as much a play on Marky Mark as an homage to the animal of my Chinese zodiac, the monkey. Besides, I think monkeys are really cute.

A couple hellos and I was welcomed by a feline friend of whom I asked a few embarrassingly perfunctory questions. In the absence of an exact transcript, it went a little something like this:

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Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing

I’m glad to see that the Huffington Post has loosened its collar a little bit, covering stuff other than politics. They push the limits a bit with some of the entertainment/gossip fluff, but their pop sociology beat is pretty impressive.

I don’t know if everyone is taking their cues from Lovesick Billy (kidding, of course), but suddenly there’s lots of chatter about monogamy, with the for and against voices coming out in strength.

Check out this Google search.

Scarlett Johannsen’s comments are idiotic, but hey, people are talking about where they get their itch scratched with a transparency that is unprecedented. Perhaps the Bush administration hasn’t banished all of America back to a Puritanical age after all.

I’ll be honest, I’ve tried it all kinds of ways, and without any judgments, I’ll conclude that for us, this morning’s Notes from the Universe says it better than I can:

If you ask me, Bronson, I’d say the main thing to keeping the main thing the main thing, is reminding yourself as often as you can of where the most joy will come from.
Ain’t no thing –
The Universe


“Lovesick Billy” in 2008

Bronson & Sam at Tori Amos, 2007More yoga? Possibly. More writing? Of course. More for my body, integrity, and honest communication? Definitely. Get out of the red and into the black? Already in the works.

2008 will be my 40th year. I have my health, the love of my life, great friends and family, a screenplay in pre-production, a really good day job, and a new Mac. What more could I ask for? Less needless stuff. Less confusion. Less anxiety. Less junk. Less junk food. More experiences.

More trips around the Rose Bowl with the dogs. More evenings “jacked-out”, and lounging with Sam in our big comfy couch. More movie nights. More late Saturday mornings, cuddling. More fun with Mom. More gardening. More biking. More rodeo. More athleticism. More travel. More adventures. More Lovesick Billy.

More for those with, um, less. I’d really like to get involved with The Art of Elysium, Being Alive, and other charities.

That’s what I resolve to do in 2008.


More Love, Less Bush.

Blogging. As my friend Paul puts it, “Because what the world needs is yet another opinion.” Another criticism. Another review. We’ve been to Paris. We’ve seen Britney’s kids, and where they came from. Enough. More love. Less Bush.

Lovesick Billy is about love, an exploration of it and all of its manifestations: photos of stolen kisses, brotherly love, charitable love, love dilemmas – yours and mine, gain, loss, and everything in between.

A friend who constantly complains about being single, said to me once, “You’re like all the rest of my friends, single for about twenty minutes.”

“So maybe you should be doing what I’m doing,” I replied.

I have been very lucky in love. Always. The best rules are the rules that work best for you, not your well-meaning friends or family. We usually know what’s best for us, unless it’s not working, and then second opinions can help – but honest ones, and those are hard to come by.

Lovesick Billy is a source for honest insight into matters of love. Because that’s what the world needs now.

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