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The Long Blondes at the Troubadour

Lisa hooked up the VIP seating, and Sam sacrificed a few hours of sleep on a weeknight for us to go see The Long Blondes‘ last U.S. show at the legendary Troubadour last night. There was nothing for me to do but be grateful, and I am.

The Long Blondes are a 5-piece English indie rock band from Sheffield. I fell in love with them after seeing them “put on the dog” in the video for Guilt, a song about an infidelity, and the singer’s unambiguous choice – “and guilt has nothing, nothing to do with it.”

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The Lovesick Questions, Lisa Nupoff, A&R

This is the first friend I made in Los Angeles, Lisa Nupoff. She is one of my best friends ever, and was my best woman when Sam and I were married. She has been there, and done that, and offers loving honesty and hard questions and answers when others turn into fainting goats. She is a steadfast friend and ally. She is a living, breathing study in making dreams come true, and I adore her. She also happens to be a talented business woman with a keen eye, and ear, for talent. I am thrilled she is answering the Lovesick questions.

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