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Tops (or Just Plain Guys) Aren’t Always Ready

whathappened.jpgno matter what we’d like (you) to believe, we aren’t always ready to go.

There can be a lot of pressure when you’re raising your lance to joust, and you can be faced with an army of factors that seeks your defeat.First and foremost is the enemy within, a.k.a. stage fright. Mental pressure is compounded by expectations: a storied reputation to live up to, what you’ve bragged about or promised/threatened to do, level of acquaintance with the bottom, a prolonged ‘courtship’, or even whether or not he (or she) (and you) really look like the pictures you swapped.In the sack, like in the rest of life, expectations can set you up to fail, or at least to pale in comparison to what was expected, so be modest, under-promise and over-deliver. Continue reading ‘Tops (or Just Plain Guys) Aren’t Always Ready’

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