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He’s Stopped Calling

When we were at the Gay and Lesbian Wine Club last night at Heritage Wine Company, I met a guy we’ll call Dirk, who had a question for Lovesick Billy:

So I’ve been seeing this guy for a couple of months. We’ve reached the point where I go to his house and just enter without knocking. I stay over sometimes. He’s 42, and I’m 28, and he says that’s an issue for him. Even still, it’s been going well, we have agreed to be exclusive, and we do something together a few times a week, but this past week, he has stopped communicating. I sent him a text message on Friday, and he hasn’t returned it yet. Is he just playing games? Should I keep texting him?

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He’s Just Not That Into You

We have a friend who has been in a relationship with a woman for a significant number of years. We’ll call them Antony and Cleopatra.  She is madly and unabashedly in love with him, but he refuses to commit to marriage.

Recently, Cleopatra has been writing to me, asking us to urge the guy to pop the question. Beyond the casual and jocular “Hey, Antony, when are you going to make an honest woman of Cleopatra,” we’re just not going to do it, and anything more than that is intrusion. But, since she enlisted my opinion and advice, Continue reading ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’

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