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Zen and the Art of Wood Refinishing

In the last four weekends, Sam and I have purchased three sanders: two Skil Octos and a Black & Decker belt sander. Not a big deal for me. I grew up with power tools. Sam is another story. That said, we’ve taken on restoring the knotty pine kitchen in our home.

Unfortunately, in our haste to get going, we didn’t take ‘before’ photos. The photo to the left is the best we’ve got. That’s white primer over knotty pine, and an outmoded light fixture. Continue reading ‘Zen and the Art of Wood Refinishing’


Gwen Stefani Slept Here

Gwen and Gavin’s Los Feliz home is up for sale. It’s a flawless, 1928 Mediterranean north of the boulevard. In this economy, it’s a lot of ducats for a mere 5,000 sq. ft., but if you’re into Gwen, tick-tock-tick-tock-tick-tock.

Click here for over 50 shots of this mad, mad pad.

If you don’t have a realtor, I’d recommend ours: Robert Carey, at Sotheby’s.

P.S. Save your cards and fan letters. They haven’t lived there for over a year.

More info and photos after the jump. Continue reading ‘Gwen Stefani Slept Here’


Sex Up Your House to Help It Sell

Lots of people in the Los Angeles area are selling their homes and moving: to another part of town, out of the madness, or to Canada, where most of the productions are done anyway.

The first thing to remember is that you’re ‘staging’ the house, in much the same way a set decorator would, and remembering that helps you make good decisions about what to do to present your home in its best light. That said, our friend Robert Carey offered some advice to home owners who are soon to be home sellers: Continue reading ‘Sex Up Your House to Help It Sell’

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