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Jay Smooth on the RNC, Hating and Community Organizers

Jay Smooth of posted this response to the RNC, which, in contrast to the inspiring, positive DNC, was a hypernationalist, fearmongering pep rally.  So what else is new?  Jay Smooth and Ill Doctrine.  I can’t get enough of it.  Check it out.


The Devil Wears Tweed: Sally Kern

Oklahoma Representative Sally Kern (R) claims that we queers are “worse than terrorism or Islam” (read: Muslims = terrorists) and accuses us of engaging in indoctrinating two-year olds in an agenda set to destroy the nation. She declares vehemently that this is not “hate-speech.” Yeah, right, and waterboarding isn’t torture. Gays aren’t going to destroy the country, people like Sally Kern will. Vote Democrat.

Please, take a moment to send this hateful, ignorant woman an email or favor her with a phone call (405) 557-7348.


Is Brady Quinn Really a Homophobe?

Evidently, Brady and his buddies were not being very nice to our gay brothers at a Columbus watering hole on New Year’s Day. Funny how this took 6 weeks to surface – on both sides. The story is all over the place. Quinn’s camp is mum. At most, Brady has vastly underestimated the presence of his gay fans, at least, he needs to choose better company. I’ll wait and see what the punk has to say for himself, but this really kills my wood.

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