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Lunch with Erin Saul of NamasteMoFo

Erin Saul had a lot to live up to before she even came to the door. Sam had gone on and on about her, and well, in the impromptu video Sam shot, she looked pretty cool. And I mean ‘cool’ in that San Francisco ‘I’m cooler than you because I live in SF’ sort of way.

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What 40 Looks Like: On A Meal Plan


  2005 2008
185 lbs. 201 lbs.
Body fat:
18% 12.1%
Fat weight:
32 lbs. 24 lbs.
Muscle weight: 143 lbs. 177 lbs.

I still have the skinny arms that have persisted since childhood, no matter how much training they receive. I have always been thick in the middle like my Dad, and so constant vacuums and core training are in order. When I get fat, I get fat in the middle and in the face and look like a marshmallow with stick limbs.

Just the same, I’m on the threshold of 40 and, with the help and guidance of my husband, Sam, this is what I’ve achieved, and this is what it looks like – for me. Now all I have to do is keep it. Here’s one way I will do that. Continue reading ‘What 40 Looks Like: On A Meal Plan’

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