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Men Don’t Self-Lubricate Like Women Do

Everything I needed to know about sex I DIDN’T learn from porn. In fact, some of what I learned from porn has done me a disservice, and probably you as well. This WTF series is dedicated to debunking stuff about sex.

spit doesn’t make sufficient lube.

In porn, scenes last for dozens of minutes and you just about never see a lube job, unless of course there’s a product placement deal in place. This is one of the wonders of editing. This might lead some to believe that a little spit will do the trick; for some who like it dry, it will, but most prefer a little more glide in their ride. I’m mostly talking about man on man sex, but this info applies to the man/woman variety as well, especially with the increase in hetero “back yard” play. Continue reading ‘Men Don’t Self-Lubricate Like Women Do’

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