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25 Live: George Michael in Anaheim

It’s always a little scary to see your icons live, lest they disappoint you. Last weekend, at Honda Center, formerly Arrowhead Pond, in Anaheim George Michael reminded us why he is an icon, and nobody was disappointed.

He’s come a long way since I saw him last, in WHAM, circa 1984 in the Miami Baseball Stadium. It was a wake me up before you gogo thing, a repressed homosexual lust thing, and a fleeting 80’s thing. They were fun, but who knew half of WHAM would become the fully-realized, world-class entertainer who performed last night? At times, it looks as if even George never expected it himself. Continue reading ’25 Live: George Michael in Anaheim’


7 Things…

Taking the lead from Sam, here are my 7 things:

7 things I plan to do before I die…

  1. See Damages produced.
  2. Win an Oscar.
  3. Retire to Ibiza with Sam.
  4. Build Mom a house.
  5. Moscow, Iceland, Macchu Picchu, Egypt, Ice Hotel.
  6. Feel safe, proud, and responsible, as an American.
  7. Love and cherish Sam to my last breath.

7 things that attract me to men…
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