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WTF: Rock-afire Animatronic Puppets Sing Britney

Take a normal, 32-year old guy named Chris Thrash, living in Alabama, listening only to 80’s, rock, and rap (and clearly some Britney), and only reading the Bible, and give him a Rock-afire. Hundreds of programming hours later, the result is somewhere between Chuck E. Cheese and the first time I tripped on LSD, back in college. Seriously, you have to see this to believe it. But is it art? Continue reading ‘WTF: Rock-afire Animatronic Puppets Sing Britney’


Britney Spears: A Little Bit of Tragedy Repeating

Once upon a time there was a hot, young, blonde star in her twenties, captive to her overbearing manager. He controlled her utterly, criminally: what she said, what she did, what she wore, where she appeared, and how thin she was when she did. He drove a wedge between the young woman and her family. She wasn’t allowed any phone calls and weeks would pass without her family knowing her whereabouts, except for what they were able to see on TV. He had dirt on her; compromising photographs to keep her frightened and tractable. He drugged her regularly and abused her with inconceivable cruelty, sexually, physically, and verbally. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and valuables were stolen from her during his occupation. His control was absolute, and soon, so was her hopelessness.

I’m not talking about Britney Spears. I’m talking about my Mom.


Having exhausted every other path to help and solace, she lay in a bed in her home in the Hollywood hills and overdosed with a bottle of Valium.

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Britney Spears & the Law of Attraction

The “Law of Attraction” principle posits that people’s feelings and thoughts attract real events in the world into their lives; from the workings of the cosmos to interactions among individuals in their physical, emotional, and professional affairs. – Wikipedia

My loneliness is killing me/ I must confess, I still believe/ When I’m not with you I lose my mind/ Give me a sign/ Hit me baby one more time/I don’t know how to live without your love/ I was born to make you happy/ You drive me crazy/ I just cant sleep/ I’m so excited, I’m in too deep/ Ohh…crazy, but it feels alright/ Baby, thinkin of you keeps me up all night/ You see my problem is this/ I’m dreaming away/ Wishing that heroes, they truly exist/ I cry, watching the days/ Can’t you see I’m a fool in so many ways/ But to lose all my senses/ That is just so typically me/ Baby, oh/ Oops!…I did it again/ Im a slave for you/ I cannot hold it/ I cannot control it/ Im a slave for you/ I wont deny it/ I’m not trying to hide it/ I need to make mistakes just to learn who I am/ And I don’t wanna be so damn protected/ There must be another way/ Cause I believe in taking chances/ But who am I to say/ What a girl is to do/ God, I need some answers/ There’s no escape/ I can’t wait/ I need a hit/ Baby, give me it/ You’re dangerous/ I’m lovin’ it/ Too high/ Can’t come down/ Losing my head/ Spinning ‘round and ‘round/ Do you feel me now/ And everytime I try to fly, I fall / Without my wings, I feel so small / I guess I need you, baby/ And everytime I see you in my dreams/ I see your face, you’re haunting me/ I guess I need you, baby/ I may have made it rain/ Please forgive me/ My weakness caused you pain/ And this song’s my sorry

I have seen The Secret about a dozen times or so, I’ve witnessed the power of manifestation from thought in my own life many, many times, and I believe we all have the power to manifest our destinies – and that includes Britney Spears.

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