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My Dad


I never met my father. He left us while my Mom was still big and pregnant with me, and he died in ’84. I have very few pictures of him, but last year Mom surprised me with a digitized video of them vacationing circa 1967. I took these screen shots of the two of them from that vid. Thanks Mom.


Video: Meeting My Sister for The First Time

Here’s another video from the archives that deserves attention. Sam and I met Cassie last summer, in Naples, and spent the weekend together with some of our closest friends and her adorable daughter Jessie Jane in tow. Cassie’s a rock star, and she mixed right in.

Cassie and I share the same Father, Robert Runyon Page, and we know that we’re not his only children. We just don’t know where to begin to find the rest of ’em. I’ve been an only child my whole life, as was she, and it was strange for us to see a little bit of ourselves in each other. Our lives have had striking similarities, and we’re both older, wiser, and more grateful for them. The video Sam shot and Paul edited, says it all:

Billy’s Sorted Past

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