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Our Lucky LuRain Penny

Seldom do I discover something on the web that is truly breathtaking, but this evening I discovered LuRain Penny, a self-described 85 years young blues singer, maintenance drinker, and WWII survivor who bends a note as beautifully as she turns a phrase and bares her soul. She made some of the most poignant comments I’ve read yet about the loss of Heath Ledger, drawing a parallel to her own life and her meanderings close to the edge but fortunately not over. I double dog dare you to get through the epitaph she wrote for him without saying ‘wow’.

She had me with her blog, and had me forever with her wonderful and prompt reply comment on my site, sealed with a trademark kiss – x. Join me in loving the miracle that is LuRain Penny, truly a treasure.  Also, check out LuRain’s HOTCAKES.

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