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Your Sex Tool Box, Part 2 – The Intermediate Stuff

Okay, so now you have your tool box ready to go with the basic stuff. What’s in your tool box is up to you of course, as an expression of your individuality, but here are a few suggestions.

A Leather Blindfold
This is by far the most valuable item in the box. Sensory deprivation is Continue reading ‘Your Sex Tool Box, Part 2 – The Intermediate Stuff’


Your Sex Tool box, Part 1 – The Basics

There’s an ominous looking black steel tool box in our bedroom. We bought it to centralize all the sex stuff and free up some space in our nightstands. It’s locked so that anything inside doesn’t scare the cleaning lady. It’s the sex toolbox, and you should have one.

Choose a good-sized tool box, because once you start with this it’s going to be fun and you’re going to need space. Choose metal. Plastic toolboxes may interact with lubes, poppers, and dildos the way rubber worms used to melt into the trays of that tackle box you had as a kid. Make sure you have a home for it that is convenient and practical. Buy some felt dots for the bottom of it if you have hardwood floors. Trust me. Here’s what goes in it: Continue reading ‘Your Sex Tool box, Part 1 – The Basics’


Get Your Anal Pap Test

Male or female, if you are putting your backfield in motion at all, (even if it’s only been a spitty finger) you should have an anal pap to be screened for HPV.

I wasn’t going to blog about this, but then I spoke with a dear friend, who enjoys some “backdoor” every now and then, and he didn’t have a clue about the anal pap. That is when I knew it was my duty to inform you.

HPV or human papilloma virus (aka genital warts) are very common, and commonly linked to rectal cancer and cervical cancer in women, so it’s good to know your HPV situation early and often. Schedule a test with your doctor, and if your doctor isn’t hip, get one who is. Here’s how it goes.

Don’t be chicken. Continue reading ‘Get Your Anal Pap Test’

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