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I am happily aberrant.

I was standing at the urinal today, when a funny thought crossed my mind: I sleep with, and am married to a man.

I know, I know. Obvious. Stupid even.

If the most important, innate desire of an animal is to reproduce itself, I’m putting my goo in the wrong places – every chance I get. A lot of people have a problem with that, including the first girl I put my goo in. I cast her out of my life because she thinks God is an angry thug, but I digress.

Nonetheless, she thinks I’m a perversion, a defective, mis-wired human being, whose most basic drive is flawed. Except I’m not. I know exactly where to put my goo if I wish to reproduce, and the blessing is that if and when I do it, I’ll be doing it purposefully. After all, reproduction is not love, and love is not reproduction, even though there are many handy examples of people who believe the words are interchangeable. Continue reading ‘I am happily aberrant.’


Be a Real Champion

baseballs.jpgI read the blog of a closeted, aspiring pro athlete who “dates” another closeted guy, struggles with his identity, and screws women to keep up appearances with his team mates.

It’s the reason I read him. It’s the reason we like books, movies, and television. We want to see the conflict, and how the characters resolve it and emerge victorious. Plus, I’ve been there myself. I get it. So he asks his readers for questions, which are mostly easy pitches about not getting wood in the shower and how he manages between visits with his beau, but when a question like – Continue reading ‘Be a Real Champion’


This Woman’s Work

I’m lucky to have a truly remarkable relationship with my Mother. It’s so good that lately, I’ve gone from being to-the-bone grateful to feeling a little guilty.

Sam’s relationship with his Mom is strained, at best. The two of them are master fishermen who have created a knotted net so finely crafted, nothing can escape it alive – not even their own relationship.

Here’s the fresh catch, from my POV:
Sam was raised LDS as a small child until his parents divorced, and shortly thereafter. There was a brief second marriage, to a man who was apparently more smitten (and indeed questionably) with Sam than with his Mother. They divorced. The real irony here is that in some space between, Sam led his Mother to Jesus. A single Mother desperately trying to provide her son and herself with a stable family unit, she remarried, this time to a Catholic. The man adopted Sam, and made them adopt Catholicism, and then sired a child of his own: a half-brother to Sam. In spite of Sam’s Mother’s best intentions, Sam’s second-class stepchild status was made abundantly clear to Sam on various occasions. Add to this Sam’s burgeoning awareness of his being gay, and you have not only a great first act, but a recipe for disaster.

Continue reading ‘This Woman’s Work’

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