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Oops! Chlamydia at 15?

Dear Billy, my 15-year-old daughter has chlamydia. We have learned this because her boyfriend has it. We’ve had some conversations about sex, but clearly more of those are in order. If this were your daughter, how would you deal with it?

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Pedophilia may have physical causes.

nfsoffice.jpg<< Just weeks, or even days, before.

There came a point in my post-molestation experience a few years ago, while the man (for the record, a conservative Republican) was being prosecuted, where I was faring much better than my Mom. I had found a place of relative resolve; she was still as mad as hell. It was hearing the man deny the facts, categorically, repeatedly, and convincingly (to most of our home town) that was particularly maddening.

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What Monkey Evolution Could Teach Us About Immunity from HIV

As if any sane, thinking person really needed another reason to believe in evolution: this is the most exciting thing I’ve read about HIV research in a long time.

A gene, TRIM5, that provides immunity to retroviruses has been identified in two different primates on opposite ends of the world. Pigtail macaques live primarily in Southeast Asia, owl monkeys only in Central and South America.

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Everyone on Craigslist is DDF

picture-5.pngI have always loved reading personals: Gainesville’s Creative Loafing, student rags at USF, the Miami Herald, and L.A. Weekly, but then I discovered Craigslist and its endless hours of searchable entertainment. You can find just about anything there. Everybody knows this. But I’ve made an incredible discovery.

Are you ready for it?

Drug and disease free (DDF) men and women in Los Angeles and other major metropolitan areas are not to be found at bars, or circuit parties. They’re on Craigslist. Grade-A, unspoiled, extroverted, adult boy and girl scouts ripe for the picking, great at parties, ready to host or travel.

Craigslist has not returned calls seeking clarification on whether they have a DDF requirement or if there’s something magical about their ads that draws the squeaky clean and shields them from every drug and STD.

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Tops (or Just Plain Guys) Aren’t Always Ready

whathappened.jpgno matter what we’d like (you) to believe, we aren’t always ready to go.

There can be a lot of pressure when you’re raising your lance to joust, and you can be faced with an army of factors that seeks your defeat.First and foremost is the enemy within, a.k.a. stage fright. Mental pressure is compounded by expectations: a storied reputation to live up to, what you’ve bragged about or promised/threatened to do, level of acquaintance with the bottom, a prolonged ‘courtship’, or even whether or not he (or she) (and you) really look like the pictures you swapped.In the sack, like in the rest of life, expectations can set you up to fail, or at least to pale in comparison to what was expected, so be modest, under-promise and over-deliver. Continue reading ‘Tops (or Just Plain Guys) Aren’t Always Ready’


The Trouble with Krispy Kreme Donuts

doughnuts.gifI had my very first Krispy Kreme donut in Florida. The chain originated in the south. There was nothing like it, and once you’ve had a Krispy Kreme donut, you’re pretty much spoiled for good. There wasn’t one in Naples, so I didn’t make a very regular diet of them there, but out of town I’d often be greeted by the Hot Doughnuts Now sign, and veer off my path to get one.

When I moved to Ft. Lauderdale, where, in spite of the body-conscious scene, there were Krispy Kremes everywhere. I resisted as much as I could, but I’m only human, and after being out at the bars, driving home, I’d see one in the distance, flashing, beckoning. HOT. DOUGHNUTS. NOW. I’d relent. My roommate, Chad and I would get a half-dozen – three each – and have them devoured before we’d arrived home. Two miles away.

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