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LifeCycle: Team Easton Gym

Win a $7,800 Specialized S-Works Roubaix Road Bike!
Raffle tickets only $10

Attend the fundraiser at Eleven on April 30, 200

For more information on how to support this amazing team,
please visit Team Easton Gym‘s website.


What Monkey Evolution Could Teach Us About Immunity from HIV

As if any sane, thinking person really needed another reason to believe in evolution: this is the most exciting thing I’ve read about HIV research in a long time.

A gene, TRIM5, that provides immunity to retroviruses has been identified in two different primates on opposite ends of the world. Pigtail macaques live primarily in Southeast Asia, owl monkeys only in Central and South America.

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Everyone on Craigslist is DDF

picture-5.pngI have always loved reading personals: Gainesville’s Creative Loafing, student rags at USF, the Miami Herald, and L.A. Weekly, but then I discovered Craigslist and its endless hours of searchable entertainment. You can find just about anything there. Everybody knows this. But I’ve made an incredible discovery.

Are you ready for it?

Drug and disease free (DDF) men and women in Los Angeles and other major metropolitan areas are not to be found at bars, or circuit parties. They’re on Craigslist. Grade-A, unspoiled, extroverted, adult boy and girl scouts ripe for the picking, great at parties, ready to host or travel.

Craigslist has not returned calls seeking clarification on whether they have a DDF requirement or if there’s something magical about their ads that draws the squeaky clean and shields them from every drug and STD.

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Make Art Stop AIDS

medicine-man-rgb-low-res.jpgA shout out to Jason for putting the Goldstein Kapellas installation “Medicine Man” on my radar, and hopefully on your So Cal calendar. The new work is shaped like a human figure and is made of over 300 suspended HIV/AIDS medication bottles. It hovers at the center of six halos made of syringes.

Make Art/Stop AIDS is an international traveling exhibition of art dealing with the pandemic of HIV/AIDS opening at the Fowler Museum in Los Angeles February 23rd, and running through June 15th before taking off for Mexico City and then Brazil, South Africa and finally India.

Also on exhibit will be one of Daniel Goldstein’s “Icarian Series” leather peices on loan to the museum from the private collection of actor Richard Gere.

The image of “Medicine Man” (above left) will be the official banner for the show and on display through downtown Los Angeles.

For more information, call 415.621.5761, visit, or email Jason Lahman. See you at the show.


So I Married a Porn Star

Bronson Pondering PornI’d been dating Sam for a few weeks when I started to get the feeling that he might ‘be around for a while’, and then I knew I had to unload a couple of bombshells on Mom: HIV and porn. I wanted the discussion to take place somewhere we could feel safe, and she could digest the information. But most of all, it had to be matter of fact, and occur casually.

I called and asked her to dinner.

“What’s wrong?” she blurted, instantly.

“Nothing’s wrong,” I replied calmly. I’m a terrible strategist.

“You never ask me to dinner.”

Great. Now I’m remiss. “Can’t I just take you to dinner without there being something wrong?” I riposted.

“I don’t know. Can you?”

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It’s World AIDS Day, Brah!

It’s World AIDS Day.

I’m sad to have lost so many loved ones, but I’m grateful for having known them at all.

I’m sad that there isn’t enough treatment for everyone who suffers, but I’m grateful that there is any treatment at all.

I’m sad about the worldwide tragedy that has come of the spreading of some damned, stubborn virus, stealing millions of lives, but I’m grateful that we know more about how to treat it today than we did yesterday. Tomorrow we’ll know even more.

I’m sad that it’s not just Saturday, but I’m grateful that it is World AIDS Day, and by the end of the day more people will be thinking about AIDS and what they can do to help those in need. And even more still, next year.

I’m grateful that someday soon it will just be Saturday again.

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