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Breaking Bread with General Hospital’s Julius, a.k.a. Gregory Zarian

You can get a great French baguette at 4151 Prospect Avenue, in Hollywood, even though it’s not a bakery. It’s the office of the executives who work on General Hospital for ABC.

GH fans, and particularly Julius fans, are really dedicated. They want Julius back, and are going to any length to make it happen, including sending French baguettes to the execs. Why baguettes? If you’re not a GH watcher, it’s all explained here in my interview with Gregory Zarian who played Julius, and won the hearts of thousands of adoring fans. Check out the video below, one of many posted to YouTube, and feel the love.

Gregory is actually a friend of mine, and he was happy to tell me (and you) all about the campaign to BRING JULIUS BACK, answer the Lovesick Questions, and clarify the whole baguette thing for those of us who aren’t devoted GH fans… yet. Continue reading ‘Breaking Bread with General Hospital’s Julius, a.k.a. Gregory Zarian’


The Lovesick Questions: India Brooks

1. If you could have sex with anyone from all of history, just once, whom would it be?

Marlon Brando

2. What is your most memorable romantic moment?

When my Australian boy friend took me on a balloon ride for my birthday

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The Lovesick Questions: Nina Smith, Queercents


It was sexy Nina Smith who put the questions concept on the radar, when she asked us 10 of her own about money, and Sam who suggested it as a Billypage. I’m thrilled that Nina participated, and not the least bit surprised that her answers are not just romantic, but intellectual and funny… now THAT’s hot.

Besides that, Nina and her team write, a fiercely useful blog that everyone should check out.
Mwah, Nina! Lovesick Billy loves you.

1. If you could have sex with anyone from all of history, just once, whom would it be?

Jesus. The hush money alone would last an eternity.

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The Lovesick Questions: Sam Page

sam-page3.jpgI’ll be asking these five questions of various sexy people, starting with my husband, Sam Page. If you don’t know Sam, he’s the self-described “ex-Mormon, reformed porn star & fitness coach” co-founder of HERO Magazine, and publisher of peacelovelunges, to whom I’m married.

If you could have sex with anyone from all of history, just once, whom would it be?

I wished I could be one of the hot invitees to Nero’s parties back in the heyday. You know, I read they used to have naked human torches dipped in oil? Off the hook!

Okay, now seriously, I think it would have to be John F. Kennedy, Jr. I always thought he was scorching hot, plus he published a magazine!

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