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My Love/Hate Relationship with Tim Ferriss

I’ve tolerated a year of Sam and our friend, Paul Horne, blaring about the genius of Tim Ferriss and his Four-Hour Workweek, and it has bordered on insufferable. I’ve dubbed them ‘Ferriss-ites’ (rhymes with parasites) and through the storm of my nay-saying about their mascot, they have remained stalwart and faithful.

There must be something to this guy (plus, he’s blond, hot, and I suspect latently gay) so I’ve conceded to suspend my disbelief as best as I can and read the book. Continue reading ‘My Love/Hate Relationship with Tim Ferriss’


Be a Real Champion

baseballs.jpgI read the blog of a closeted, aspiring pro athlete who “dates” another closeted guy, struggles with his identity, and screws women to keep up appearances with his team mates.

It’s the reason I read him. It’s the reason we like books, movies, and television. We want to see the conflict, and how the characters resolve it and emerge victorious. Plus, I’ve been there myself. I get it. So he asks his readers for questions, which are mostly easy pitches about not getting wood in the shower and how he manages between visits with his beau, but when a question like – Continue reading ‘Be a Real Champion’


Your Dirty Minds

When I wrote The Girls with Whom I’ve Had Sex and the inevitable The Guys with Whom I’ve Had Sex, I did it primarily to document details that grow foggier with every passing year, to make a lasting marker just before my 40th year, and to show that we gay men are not all mincing vaginaphobes. It also felt good to get the information out of my head, and onto a page where random readers could find it and be entertained or maybe even learn something from it, and that has definitely happened. Here’s a screen grab from my blog stats page that shows my top blog posts:


Maybe the Chute Dogging video just hasn’t made the rounds yet, but nonetheless, it looks like the wrestlers I’ve wrestled are more interesting to you than the steer. Then comes the Brady Quinn fantasy, which I’ve even read a few times, and then on to celebrities and more sex, and the swing set suicide, and on and on… you get the picture.

Continue reading ‘Your Dirty Minds’


More Love, Less Bush.

Blogging. As my friend Paul puts it, “Because what the world needs is yet another opinion.” Another criticism. Another review. We’ve been to Paris. We’ve seen Britney’s kids, and where they came from. Enough. More love. Less Bush.

Lovesick Billy is about love, an exploration of it and all of its manifestations: photos of stolen kisses, brotherly love, charitable love, love dilemmas – yours and mine, gain, loss, and everything in between.

A friend who constantly complains about being single, said to me once, “You’re like all the rest of my friends, single for about twenty minutes.”

“So maybe you should be doing what I’m doing,” I replied.

I have been very lucky in love. Always. The best rules are the rules that work best for you, not your well-meaning friends or family. We usually know what’s best for us, unless it’s not working, and then second opinions can help – but honest ones, and those are hard to come by.

Lovesick Billy is a source for honest insight into matters of love. Because that’s what the world needs now.

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