The Real Last Word on Sarah Palin

It’s time to stop talking about Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin may not share beliefs with much of the country, and that’s just fine.  She has her hands full with a special needs child, a pregnant teen, and an investigation into her conduct, all of which she’s certain to survive.  It’s okay, because at 44 – by political standards – she’s just a kid.  Her day will come.  Just not this year.

Governor Palin is formidable: a smart, congenial, accomplished woman, passionate about her country.  She’s clearly very resourceful, whether it’s putting herself through college with a pageant, field skinning a moose, or any of the myriad things we don’t know about her that have lent to her undeniable, early success.  If I were to be stranded somewhere, I feel more certain that her presence (over that of any of the other candidates) would ensure our survival.

From out of nowhere, she has already made a lasting contribution.  Her candidacy is single-handedly causing the country to rethink the importance of the VP.  Being the sidekick to an elderly candidate has shown us very clearly that the job calls for more than a daily inquiry on the president’s health, and attendance at funerals, as McCain has quipped.

She’ll be great for the future of the GOP.  Give her another 8 or 12 years running Alaska.  Maybe she gets her JD.  The kids will be raised.  Son-in-law Levi Johnston will play for the NHL, be a good husband, and maybe father another little Alaskan or two.  Most of all, Sarah Palin will look less like a Hail Mary pass.  Not only will she be taken seriously, she’ll be unstoppable.  God speed.

Until then, it’s up to us to choose a president who promises a long, consistent service to the country, and one who can help the title evolve for the 21st century.  He should be backed by a VP who is fully and unquestionably capable of stepping in strongly, filling the country with confidence and security, in the event of our direst need.  We deserve it.

Read Alaska resident, Anne Kilkenny’s letter on the real Sarah Palin.

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