Barack Obama Has Already Won

Even if the US ventures back into the Twilight Zone and elects McCain/McMILF this November, Barack Obama has already won, and made history.  The comparisons to the Kennedys and to MLK are of course, obvious, but they go beyond Barack’s youth, charisma, and oratory, and Michelle’s Jackie O-esque confidence and style.  The striking similarity, not only in carriage, but even in her coif is unmistakable.  This is the election of which JFK dreamed, and for which he died: one where the field is racially leveled, and – imagine – the biggest stink made is whether or not there is a woman on the ticket.

If, God forbid, the Obamas’ path to the white house were to cease at this moment, they are already uniquely ensconced in US history, a new and more colorful Camelot with Malia and Sasha the John Jr. and Caroline-parallel heirs apparent; at very least, their futures guaranteed as the daughters of the first black man on a presidential ticket.

As Sam and I watched the historic event in Mile-High stadium (a.k.a. Invesco Stadium), I felt hopeful about the future of the country: a feeling I haven’t had in a very long time.  McCain/McMILF will definitely get their share of votes, and it’s no mystery from where the votes will be coming: Americans who want a conservative, safe choice, that reflects the status quo, if not a regressive point of view.  The DNC looked entirely like the US itself: full of color – every color – and stripe, surging toward a tomorrow full of promise and hope, while the RNC is certain to be nostalgic and retrospective at best, mutton dressed as lamb, a 60-year old man wearing Abercrombie & Fitch.

1 Response to “Barack Obama Has Already Won”

  1. Monday, September 1, 2008 at 11:41 am

    lol I love that you have that photo of the CEO of A&F– not many folks know who he is. did you read the article on Slate or Salon (can’t remember) about him? soooooo creepy.

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