Kathy Griffin & The Pages, “Busted in Bora Bora”

Sam and I will (possibly) be on Kathy Griffin’s My Life on the D-List, this Thursday, July 24, on Bravo. The episode is called “Busted in Bora Bora.” I say (possibly) because we don’t know how the show was edited and if we’re in or out until the party on Thursday evening, where we’ll see it simulcast with the Eastern Standard Time broadcast (three hours earlier than the rest of L.A.)

As you will recall, we went to Bora Bora in the Spring, so Sam could interview Kathy for Passport Magazine. We couldn’t show you all of the pictures, for a couple of reasons. First off, we didn’t want to spoil anything in the show, and second, well, let’s just say that my exhibitionist tendencies are international, and about to (possibly) be broadcast reality TV.

That said, Kathy Griffin has replaced James Brown as the hardest working person in show business. She is a force of nature who has turned a funny conceit: doing ‘D-List’ gigs around the world, into a grassroots campaign to win fans (and one Emmy, maybe two) one “shabby” little space after another – and this season, the spaces aren’t so shabby.

My money says that we’re in, so check it out. xo

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