Weaning off Lexapro, The Last Week

Last week of the weaning off of Lexapro, and Sam and I are going to make it.  The past week it’s been interesting adjusting to the broader range of emotions.  Think two pregnant women.  You’d be amazed to learn just how much of an emotional experience it can be to pick out paint.  Who knew?  It would have been easy to slip into the feeling that I was an irrational, emotional mess, but I wasn’t a mess at all; I was just having emotions where on Lexapro, I was once flat.

Flat.  That’s the word another friend of mine used, citing why he jumped off the Lexapro train.  He felt emotionally flat.  Years ago, I was prescribed Xanax, while going through a difficult, anxiety-ridden time before I moved to Los Angeles.  He said, “This is not a cure.  It’s a way for you to clear some space so that you can work on ways to reduce anxiety in your life.”  And that’s exactly what I did.  This time I was prescribed Lexapro, my (former) doctor gave me the prescription with no plan or end in sight.  It was just something I’d have to take for the rest of my life.

So now Sam and I are down to a 5mg dose, nightly, which our doc says isn’t much for men of 200lbs.  In fact, it’s so little, it’s practically placebo.  We have this week to go, and then we’re off of it altogether, and it feels a lot better.


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