A Raspberry Memorial Day Weekend in Hollywood

A full three days off, and a full three days:

A barbecue with our friend Sonny the rodeo rascal, and his partner, Ken, a man who radiates wisdom and safety. Everyone in attendance, under 30, checking their Blackberries at 7pm, doubtlessly looking to the next event of the evening. The Sex and the City release party we just didn’t have the stamina for, and Sam’s subsequent nightmare that I’d added Sarah Jessica Parker curls to his head, and then left him for a latino boy with a bubble butt. That’s ridiculous. I’ve never been into latinos. A full day of sanding the wood cabinetry and walls of the kitchen (all knotty pine). So proud of Sam for learning to commandeer a sander, and showing real skill and love for the project. Dinner for four with gifted contractor (and former Colt model) Joe Riniker, and his super duper sweet partner Dan. There’ll be more dinners this summer, for sure. A day with Mom – a real highlight – which included a Lindeman’s Framboise beer and vanilla ice cream float. Delicious. Later, I got to watch as she fell in love with Mark Ronson’s Version of music from her 30’s. It’s amazing to see a musician listen to music. Then to a mellow afternoon pool party at David and Michael’s house in Los Feliz. Good men who are certain to be great friends. Some odd and wonderful things don’t need explanation. These guys are those guys. Carson, sadly, we were ships that passed in the foyer. A blur of blond bangs and a smile, and then like a mirage, you vanished. As much as David wanted everyone to dive into the pool, we all just sat around it, drinking this:

The Hot Bartender’s Raspberry Lemonade:

Lemon Gelato.
Handful of Raspberries.
Dash of Lemonade.

And David, WTF with that scorching hot bartender? I’m co-opting his haircut. Get that kid a show, and get me a link to his photos online, so I can share his image with the Lovesick.



P.S. So sorry to hear that we lost Sydney Pollack yesterday. I’ll miss his omnipresence.

2 Responses to “A Raspberry Memorial Day Weekend in Hollywood”

  1. Tuesday, May 27, 2008 at 4:17 pm

    I’ll need to try that lemonade. Sounds good.

  2. Wednesday, May 28, 2008 at 9:03 am

    For a second I thought AJ was talking about the bartender.

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