The Lovesick Questions, Lisa Nupoff, A&R

This is the first friend I made in Los Angeles, Lisa Nupoff. She is one of my best friends ever, and was my best woman when Sam and I were married. She has been there, and done that, and offers loving honesty and hard questions and answers when others turn into fainting goats. She is a steadfast friend and ally. She is a living, breathing study in making dreams come true, and I adore her. She also happens to be a talented business woman with a keen eye, and ear, for talent. I am thrilled she is answering the Lovesick questions.

1. If you could have sex with anyone from all of history, just once, whom would it be?

Elvis.  I was recently at Graceland and taking in his life and legacy…I would give anything to have him circa 1955 with those smoldering eyes!

2. What is your most memorable romantic moment?

Sitting on a bus bench on Fairfax in L.A., talking and watching the cars go by until 6 in the morning… time didnt matter

3. About what are you most passionate?

Music – but mostly the exchange of the musician and how he feels it in his very bones and the audience who receives it and gives it back in the form of applause and smiles. That exchange is my high.

4. What have you learned about love?

I have learned nothing about love becuz I haven’t had a great love… I have had long loves, I have had tumultuous, passionate, insane loves. But I haven’t had THE love.  The even, flowing, real love.

5. What’s in your night stand?

Earplugs, journal, vibrator

Lisa Nupoff began her career in the music industry managing Ruthless Records rap artist Yomo and Maulkie and Stinky Records’ indie rock band Viva K (in their former incarnation as Lumirova.) When the first record company consolidations occurred, Lisa took a job as the assistant to Variety Magazine publisher Charlie Koones, with whom she worked for 3 years. Variety allowed Lisa to remain connected to the entertainment business at large. She then resumed her career in management working with Benny Medina and all things Jennifer Lopez. Launching JLo’s second record –This Is Me, her fragrance – Glow, her clothing line – Sweetface, her restaurant – Madres and her film – Maid in Manhattan. Though working for a celebrity of this magnitude was exciting and challenging, there simply wasn’t enough focus on the music business. After a year, Lisa began scouting bands for Warner Bros Records and then began working for Senior Vice President of A&R at Warner Bros RecordsPerry Watts-Russell. Together, Lisa and Perry work on such acts as Muse, Damien Rice, Mutemath, Secret Machines, Rock Kills Kid, The Walkmen, and The Von Bondies.

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