CA Supreme Court To Rule on Same-Sex Marriage

This note just in from Lorri L. Jean, the CEO of the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center:

California same-sex couples may be on the verge of tasting the sweetness of equality when they bite into their wedding cakes!

Any day now, perhaps even this Thursday, the California Supreme Court will issue its ruling on same-sex marriage, deciding whether gay men and lesbians in our state can finally—with the full extent of the law behind their words—ask their partner, “Will you MARRY me?”

A ruling in our favor would mean that we would have the same rights, responsibilities and benefits of civil marriage as our straight friends and family. Sadly, a favorable ruling will also re-energize those who seek to deny us our rightful place in society.

Win or lose, as the world looks to California, our community must stand together. We must act with dignity and determination to win over the hearts and minds of those who value fair-mindedness over intolerance. All of us can take action that will make a difference.

Join us at 7 PM the evening the ruling is issued to find out from our community leaders what this important decision—whatever it is—means to you and your family and what happens next.

WHEN: 7:00 the night of the decision, WIN OR LOSE!

WHERE: West Hollywood – at the intersection of San Vicente and Santa Monica Boulevards

If you are a couple willing to speak to the media about what this decision means to you and your partner, please contact us ASAP.


1 Response to “CA Supreme Court To Rule on Same-Sex Marriage”

  1. Wednesday, May 14, 2008 at 7:55 pm

    Even if it energizes the opposition, it gives us a legitimacy that can never be taken away. Even if legislation is passed that overrides the court decision, it will be forever cemented as an issue of fairness. California now and someday… maybe even Kansas.

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