How Is A Man’s Thumb Like His Penis?

I have a longstanding hypothesis about the correlation between a man’s thumb (or big toe) and his penis, specifically a similarity in shape:

  • the degree of pointiness or squareness of the tip of the thumb indicating an approximation of the tip of the penis
  • the width of the first knuckle as compared to the width of the space an inch behind the head
  • the litheness or meatiness of the space between the knuckle and the hand (or foot)

So if the silhouette of the thumb or big toe is curvy, there is more of a coke bottle curve to the silhouette of the erect penis, and if the silhouette straighter, and more consistently fleshy, that indicates a cock less like a coke bottle and more even, like a sausage (no matter the length). You get the picture.

The size of the thumb or big toe can indicate endowment, but I’ve found that while small hands can be deceiving, the shape correlation remains pretty constant.

I’m interested to hear if anyone out there notes such a correlation in their own anatomy. If you’d care to prove your point or just see the results, send an anonymous (or non-anonymous) photo of your appendages (in an email that says that I can publish them) and I’ll post ’em to a private, password-protected page, and I will email you the password and link. I’ll even include one of my own in the mix, anonymously of course.

Now just try to not look at your male colleagues’ thumbs in your next meeting.

5 Responses to “How Is A Man’s Thumb Like His Penis?”

  1. Friday, April 25, 2008 at 8:59 am

    Is that why I still suck my thumb, the substitute for what I can’t reach…*giggles*

  2. 2 ben making
    Wednesday, August 13, 2008 at 10:37 am

    I totally agree with you. I worked this out ages ago in my promiscuous days and I’m surprised there’s not more about it on the internet.

    The correlalation of shape (not size) is always there. I met a guy with a outrageously spatlular thumbes (they were like cannoe oars) and he had this outrageous spatular penis (like a cannoe oar). It was this incident that got me thinking.

    Subsequent comparisons confirmed my suspicions – thin thumbs, thin penis, fat short thumbs, fat short penis, curvy thumbs, curvy penis, and so on. I also noticed the shape of the thumb nail correlates to the shape of the penis head in the same way as the base of the thumb correlates to the balls. All in all you could draw round a man’s thumb and have the shape of his penis when erect.

    Size is more difficult to pin down. According to phisiognamists the size of the nose is an indicator of endowment; the larger the nose the larger the penis. Unfortunately this is where my research falls down as I have never had many encounters with men with unduly large noses – aprt from the spatular guy that is, who did have a large nose as well as a spatular penis, and indeed a very large penis.

    So I guess if you see someone with an ideal thumb – straight, long and thick (without loops, curves or weird bendy bits) – and a nose a Roman emporer would be proud of, it’s a safe bet his fishing tackle will be a worthy specimen to dip into the waters.


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