Lunch with Erin Saul of NamasteMoFo

Erin Saul had a lot to live up to before she even came to the door. Sam had gone on and on about her, and well, in the impromptu video Sam shot, she looked pretty cool. And I mean ‘cool’ in that San Francisco ‘I’m cooler than you because I live in SF’ sort of way.

She came in and greeted me with a hug, even though we’d never met. Her eyes sparkled behind rectangular, near-horn rim glasses tempered with just enough little flowers on the corners of them to soften their structure. Sam came down the stairs to see her, like an old friend – that he is not, yet, but certain to become. Here’s a video from their second meeting.

We had sandwiches at Buster’s on Mission Street in Pasadena, and all at once I realized that we’d brought her to the most SF-looking place in a ten-mile radius. Go figure. We talked about her passion, Namaste MoFo an irreverently reverent brand of Yoga gear, built on the belief that you can be a little bit Bikram and a little bit rock and roll.

“I have to come and stay for a month in L.A., to have a good experience, to like it again” she said, “because I haven’t had such a good time the last few times I’ve been here.” She has this groovy big sister vibe – the smart, punk rock, pink-haired sister – like a bohemian Renée Zellweger, a comparison with which I’m not sure she was comfortable. “My sister is HOT,” she said, flipping her phone open and scrolling to a shot of the two of them. Her sister looks just like her, but with the slightly more oval face characteristic of women industrially considered to be ‘hot’. To me Erin’s sister looks like Rachel Griffiths, with tattoos. (Yes, in L.A., everyone has to be described as looking like a celebrity.)

“My face is cartoonish,” Erin says with an ease and acceptance I could never have imagined from a woman describing herself so. This chick is zenned-out, I thought. She grinned and became even more adorable.

Erin puts you at ease like a half mg Xanax, and that can only be meant in a good way. Maybe she learned that by doing Yoga, which we didn’t really talk much about. “I’m on vacation,” she said. She did ask once where we “do Yoga” and I kept mum. Sam’s done plenty. I’ve done it twice and always dismissed it as being for the uppity, Boba-gulping Santa Monica set, certain to sniff at my very tight hamstrings. Plus I was afraid I might fart.

Somehow, I don’t think Erin would disapprove of my impaired flexibility or potential flatulence. I think she’d say something like “It’s cool, mofo, we’re all friends here,” which is why Namaste MoFo is a Yoga attitude I like, and why I’m wearing the shirt. I really look forward to seeing Erin again. She’s great, and she loves Sam, so what could be bad? Maybe we’ll be in her neck of the woods and she can reform my attitude about everything in SF being expensive, gastronomic, and up-hill.

1 Response to “Lunch with Erin Saul of NamasteMoFo”

  1. Monday, April 21, 2008 at 6:32 pm

    Erin sounds delightful and I hope that I have the chance to meet her. I have to add that I think that it is a scream that you have the same comment about yoga as I have had! When my friend Matt aske d if I was going to participate in the yoga classes we had at work, I told him that I was not about to have snot come out of my nose, lift my butt in the air and possibly fart unless someone just whispered in my ear that they were in love with me!

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