A Glimmer of Hope for Gay LDS

After many requests, the leadership of the LDS church has agreed to meet with a group of gay and lesbian LDS, called “Affirmation” to try and bridge the gap between their communities. A change in doctrine is not as much their intention as opening dialogue for tolerance and changes in attitudes, as Peggy Fletcher Stack reported today in the Salt Lake Tribune:

…He pointed to what he sees as troubling problems for LDS gays who are kicked out of their homes for divulging their orientation, told to marry someone of the opposite sex as a solution to their “problem,” or expelled from Brigham Young University for kissing, holding hands or going to gay clubs.

Melson also wants the LDS Church to stop describing homosexuality “as a disease or a lifestyle choice,” teaching “homophobia as a family value,” or supporting anti-gay policies, such as the Federal Marriage Amendment.

“If we can counsel church members more effectively and reduce some of the anti-gay rhetoric, it will be easier for gay men and women in the church to live their lives and to make celestial choices,” Melson said. “And it will be easier for the church to get on with activities it should be concentrating on.


1 Response to “A Glimmer of Hope for Gay LDS”

  1. 1 Sam
    Wednesday, April 9, 2008 at 4:04 am

    This is amazing. I already feel more confident about my celestial choices.

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