7 Things…

Taking the lead from Sam, here are my 7 things:

7 things I plan to do before I die…

  1. See Damages produced.
  2. Win an Oscar.
  3. Retire to Ibiza with Sam.
  4. Build Mom a house.
  5. Moscow, Iceland, Macchu Picchu, Egypt, Ice Hotel.
  6. Feel safe, proud, and responsible, as an American.
  7. Love and cherish Sam to my last breath.

7 things that attract me to men…

  1. Ambition.
  2. Blondness.
  3. Cute feet.
  4. Enthusiasm.
  5. Self-expression.
  6. Great sex.
  7. Muscles.

7 things that I say the most often

  1. “No worries.”
  2. “Brah.”
  3. “Good grief.”
  4. “Must we? Really?”
  5. “It’s dark under the house.”
  6. “I’ll do it tomorrow.”
  7. “Ugh, traffic.”

7 celebrity crushes

  1. Bastien Siepielski
  2. Jake Gyllenhaal
  3. Daniel Craig
  4. Jennifer Aniston
  5. David Beckham
  6. Rachel Cannon
  7. Pete Kuzak

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